40 Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Over the years, ovarian cancer has grown to be one of the most deadly killers in the world. What makes it so fatal is the fact that it is a silent killer with little or no signs of its presence. Nevertheless, thanks to the development of science along with several types of research, people can now detect early signs of the disease, and as such carry out the right ovarian cancer treatment procedure. Moreover, as we all know, early detection can be the difference between life and death.

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Unfortunately, most women with ovarian cancer don’t even know they have the disease until it is too late and at this stage, ovarian cancer treatment options are of little or no help. Most people are only aware of it when it is already in its most advanced stage, and this might be due to the absence of ovarian cancer awareness programs, and initiatives. Early detection is essential, and as statistics indicate, there is an 80-90% 5-year survival rate for women who detect their ovarian cancer early, while those who detect it at an advanced stage have a 28-40% survival rate.

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Most women with ovarian cancer usually ignore the symptoms, and many attribute it to aging or other minor issues. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to detect the cancer when it is still mild and curable.

It is very important to take the symptoms of ovarian cancer very seriously and there are lots of ovarian cancer support groups to help with this as well. An early detection can do a whole lot of good, and increase the chances of survival. As things stand, there is no screening method for ovarian cancer for women without the symptoms; this is one of the many reasons why everyone should be on the lookout for the symptoms and signs.

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Below are some of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer


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