7 Surprising Habits That Lead to Prostate Cancer

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Getting older raises you risk for developing prostate cancer, and so does being tall. But those risk factors you have no say over. These you do.

6 cheeseburgers

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It’s like a double-whammy: Research suggests eating a lot of calcium and dairy foods (like cheese) may cause a slight increase in prostate cancer risk. The same is true for red meat—and if you like it well-done, consider this. When you cook burgers at high temps to char-level, it creates chemicals that have been shown to cause changes in DNA and may increase cancer risk. Exposure to one of those chemicals—heterocyclic amines, or HCAs, that are formed in meats cooked 300°F and hotter—may lead to the development of tumors in the prostate, as well as breast, colon, and other organs, according to animal studies. Though the exact role of diet in prostate cancer is still unclear, epidemiologic studies has shown that eating well-done, fried, or barbecued meats often is associated with increased risk.

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